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Building a Relationship with Christ

Testimonials continued . . .

“In First Fruits, Susan has captured the very essence of what we teach as prayer coaches; that from the moment we are “born again” into the family of God, we must begin to grow in our knowledge of Who He is and what He desires of us here on earth … to intimately know—not just know about—the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. First Fruits empowers seekers to grow in their relational knowledge of the Lord through their daily meeting with God. We delight in encouraging others to add this tool to their tool belt of growth and intimacy with the blessed Trinity!

One of our favorite things to coach is to spell “intimacy” like God does: In—to—ME—see. He already knows everything about each person created (Psalm 139); the challenge we have is to see into Him. First Fruits does that with depth, yet practically, for the new believer as well as the one who has traveled “the way” for years. Thank you, Susan, for “coaching” all of us into a more intimate walk with our Savior. In the words of former Dallas Cowboys Head Coach, Tom Landry, the role of a coach is to “inspire others to do things they don’t want to do, in order to achieve things they want to accomplish.” First Fruits does just that!”

Dennis and Betty Jo Conner have coached people for the past fifty years of their marriage—whether at the elementary school “special needs” level or the high school, university, or professional tennis coaching level, or as twenty-four year staffers with the Fellowship of Christian Athletes—they now are fulltime Prayer Coaches with Called to Serve, their prayer ministry in Dallas, Texas.