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Building a Relationship with Christ

Let's Get Personal . . .

How do you grow in your personal walk with The Lord ? Intentionally.

I was on the typical path of a modern woman, balancing family, friends, faith, and a career thrown in for good measure. All the common ups and downs with children and  a spouse I experienced with zeal (and more than a little angst).  And then, there were some not-so-common challenges along the way, as God began showing me who He is and, gradually, what His purpose for my life would be as I began to seek Him with my whole heart.

If you are at the crossroads - that watershed moment when you want to make the transition from knowing about God to developing a deep, relationship with Him - take the plunge by first inviting Jesus Christ to be your Savior. Trust that God's Son died for your sins. He redeemed your sin with His blood to​ give you not only eternal life, but a transformed experience for the rest of this life. Knowing Him will give you a confidence and peace, no matter the circumstances. Ask Him for wisdom and direction in the details of your life, and  watch His amazing Grace and Love flood your soul as He sets you on a new and exciting course of trusting Him in a walk of faith that will not disappoint.

My purpose in writing First Fruits is to undergird you with His Word,. I want to encourage you and challenge you through my book and this website with some things I've learned along the way ... hopefully, with empathy and a little humor.

Susan Butler

Susan Butler Live