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Building a Relationship with Christ

First Fruits is a 365-day devotional written in the first person of God. Also included are Weekly Precepts to further define the principles assigned to the daily messages. These weekly inserts are written from the author's perspective. The page count is 480. The retail price is $24.99.

Many Christians desire a deeper walk with God, but feel they are too busy to add one more thing to their schedules. Because time is valuable and reading God's Word consistently takes strong discipline, First Fruits offers a condensed explanation of specific scripture passages for all 365 days of the year.

The Scripture and the Scripture reference is printed on each page. It is easy to open up to a single one to share a moment with God and, perhaps, change the course of your day. First Fruits is written in the first person of God to allow you to understand Scripture as if in conversation with Him. God wants nothing more than to have a personal, intimate relationship with each soul He created. This relationship is achieved through faith in Jesus Christ as Savior, and then believing, receiving and depending upon the indwelling of His Holy Spirit.

In First Fruits, delve into not only the grace of God, but everyday issues thought by some to be too mundane for God. You will learn what God's desires are for your speech, attitude, faith, obedience, discipline, stewardship, acts of love and trust in Him. You will understand the security you have as a Believer, the power and sovereignty of God, facts about the End Times, what to expect in Heaven, and so much more!